Anadi Retreat Center

Anadi Retreat Center has the purpose to uplift you, bringing a new experience of spiritual knowledge adapted to everyday life, with lots of smiles.


You’re welcome to Anadi & Satya Yoga Retreat located on island Čiovo, in a peaceful natural area, close to the UNESCO protected cities Trogir and Split. Yoga class with engaged yoga teacher, following meditation and feel the authentic lifestyle of the Mediterranean.
Even if you are beginner, intermediate or advance in your yoga or meditation practice, you will experience new progress which will be beneficial for you. Yoga is not solitary practice, and this retreat can bring together new energy from the place you practice and from the whole group of practitioners.
We offer tasty vegetarian/vegan dishes based on the Mediterranean diet. It is possible to practice on the beach just a few minutes walk from the retreat. To see old cities and unspotted nature can further nurture your body and soul.

Spring Time Retreat 13th-20th of May 2023.

Please book your flight to arrive at Split (SPU) or Zadar (ZAD) airports.
Private airport transfer is possible for an additional charge.

A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 60 days before the arrival date.
The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

The prices include VAT
Single room 1259 EUR, ensuite bathroom (Single occupancy. 1 double bed.)
Single room 1159 EUR, shared bathroom (Single occupancy. 1 double bed.)
Twin shared room 95 EUR, shared bathroom (2 twin beds. Shared occupancy.)
Double room 1859 EUR, ensuite bathroom
(1 double bed. Double occupancy only. Must be booked for two at once)
Double room 1659 EUR, shared bathroom
(1 double bed. Double occupancy only. Must be booked for two at once)

Prices are in euros and includes all taxes.
Our courses are given in English.

Accommodation in a single or shared double room (private toilet for some rooms).
A guided trek.
All meals are vegetarian or vegan, including snacks and herbal teas throughout the day (for special diet, please let us know, and we will provide).

Meet our Yoga teachers

Martina Franić

My name is Martina Franić, and I was born in Zagreb in 1973, where I finished Highschool. Shortly after that, I started working as a makeup artist at the theatre Gavella in Zagreb. Looking for further knowledge, I went to Amsterdam to complete school for theatre and movie makeup and body painting. Amsterdam is a very multicultural city, so I discovered many different ways to realize it, and in 1997 I came to bhakti yoga, the highest of all yoga, in 2000. I moved back to Croatia to a tiny island in the Šibenik archipelago, Prvić, where I live now. 

I was doing yoga for many years by myself, learning from books and friends who knew it more than me.

2015/16. I finished Yoga Teacher training TT200 in Divya yoga with Sandra Petra Pintarić in Zagreb, who introduced me in 2015. with Sri Dharma Mittra, a legendary yoga teacher from New York, Rock of yoga, Teacher of teachers. We visited London twice when he was given his workshops in 2015 and 2016. 2017. I visited NY first time next year, in 2018. I went on Sri Dharma Mittra Teacher Training “Life of a yogi “TT500

While finishing my studies in yoga, I attended workshops of other teachers who visited Croatia.

I have been teaching yoga since 2016—and leading classes on Prvić, Srima and in Zagreb.

Yoga is a way of life, deep and complete spiritual practice, and a way toward ourselves. It’s an ancient tool for self-knowledge, and our path to realize that we are part of something greater than ourselves is the way to self-realization and the way to meet God. Except for yoga, I’m very creative, so I also put that creativity into yoga. I was learning about sacred geometry, Vastu, Jyotish and making/drawing yantras and mandalas. That is great knowledge from ancient Vedas, used in yoga and can help people focus on their creativity.


Filip Gour

Filip Gour was born in 1981 in Croatia and is now a Belgium-based bhakti yogi who started to explore consciousness through yoga in 2005. Since then, he has been dedicated to studying, practising and sharing various aspects of yoga. He has a passion for yoga psychology and ancient traditions and often retreats in India with many philosophy books and a camera next to the yoga mat. He loves exploring consciousness through Hatha practices and telling stories of his travels through sacred India in his free time.

Filip leads open-level classes and encourages participants to deepen their body-mind-soul connection respecting individual preferences and limitations. In asana and pranayama classes, he focuses on contemplation and mindfulness. In his practice, he emphasizes self-acceptance, gratitude and mantras, often the themes of his guided meditations. He organized a series of mantra-chanting events and sometimes led simple kirtan himself. Being a photographer and videographer, Filip has an eye for detail and the beauty of the everyday world. He is an essence seeker, a thoughtful and caring person who loves a good laugh. He speaks English, Croatian, and Italian and can tell two jokes in French.

His ambition is always to see the Divine presence everywhere, and witnessing others making deep discoveries is his biggest joy.




Madhavananda, born in Bavaria/Germany, studied and practised the ancient Jyotish Astrology, Remedies and Vedic Rituals from 1993 on in ancient Vaishnava Monasteries, specialized in the original Jyotish-Nakshatra (Star-constellation) Astrology and attained his final studies in the “Veden-Akademie” in Germany at the year 2000. In April 2000, he was appointed and initiated into the ceremonial Priesthood by a bona fide successor of the ancient Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-School (Vaishnava-smriti) after seven years of studies. Then he continued his studies in South India, particularly in West Bengal-India/Mayapur, with expert teachers’ teachings, guidance and help.

After regularly increasing his astrological knowledge and supporting and consulting people worldwide since 1996, he finally decided to reside permanently in Croatia, Dalmatia. 

Jyotish-Nakshatra Astrology (Star-constellations) according to the date of birth:

The deeper meaning of Jyotish is “Knowledge of the Light “. In our experiences, this Vedic wisdom is practical proof that each person has the tendencies and nature that are naturally given and helps for finding one individual nature, analyzing problems, talents and finding the proper remedies or approaches in our life or particular situation.

Nakshatra-Birthday Calculations: Birthday Calculations help us to get an overview, see where we stand in our life, relationships and work and get an insight into the next practical and beneficial step or phase. Nakshatra- or Birth-star-Calculations show significant happenings and events and may surprise by indicating some aspects of our nature and long-buried tendencies. 

Auspicious Moment (Muhurtha) Astrological Calculations: There is a time for sowing, a time for reaping, a time to get married, a time to get a surgical operation or healing, a time to buy, build or demolish a house, to start or end a project or a company, a time for education and a time for starting a journey. 

Compatibility Astrology: What to expect in a specific relationship with a partner, friend, spouse or lover etc.. and how to become happier, achieve a balance and ensure a beneficial relationship in a particular combination of two souls. 

Astrological Remedies: Finding suitable Remedies should be the central part of every astrological Consultation: to find out how and when to open an umbrella properly when dark clouds show up in the sky or when the noon sun burns too intensely. 

Private, separate counselling sessions are possible.

With best well-wishes, and I hope to meet you soon.



Dedicated and devoted daily practice is making your being and your body start to change. Love toward yourself and your practice removes all the fears and obstacles within you. During many years of self-practice, my body changed, my practice changed, and I’m discovering new layers of my being and realizing that we are perfect in our imperfections.

I also like to give my students that we are unique and have to follow the possibilities of our bodies, not look to others. As my dear yoga teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, said, “Yoga is the biggest charity that you can give to people “this is something that inspires me in my classes, giving something great and sacred to all my students, knowledge of self-love, also love towards others, and journey within through Yoga. All my courses are open-level, which means that every asana can be adapted to everybody; Yoga is for everybody. My background is in Dharma yoga, the witch came from traditional Ashtanga Yoga and is modified for modern people to give them a better insight into themself and give them a strong and healthy body and peaceful mind. I’ve been vegetarian, mostly vegan, for 25 years, and I know that your diet is essential to your practice. Ahimsa, non-violence starts with yourself.



Here you have six rooms to choose from. A queen and king size beds as well as a single beds in bedroom. The retreat price is included in the room price.

Pink room

Great room for a couple or a one person wishing to have space to stretch properly.


Green room

Great room for a couple or a one person wishing to have space to stretch properly.


Purple room

Great room for a couple or a one person with en suite bathroom.


Red room

Coming alone or with a friend, this room can be your sanctuary.


Brown room

Great room for a couple or a one person with en suite bathroom.


Gold room

Coming alone or with a friend, this room can be your sanctuary.

A Purpose Of This Retreat

This yoga retreat program is created to give you the most at this experience. The retreat is all-inclusive and includes three meals, snacks and drinks (tea and water). Yoga classes, meditation, meals, free time and tours are scheduled to create a complete balance of rest and activity.

The yoga teacher will be available all period while you are on the retreat for personal requirements. 

Anadi Yoga aims to uplift you, bringing a new experience of spiritual knowledge adapted to everyday life with lots of smiles. 




Dharma yoga comes from a legendary teacher from New York, Sri Dharma Mittra; they call him “The rock of yoga “or Teacher of teachers. DY is based on traditional Ashtanga yoga, or eight limbs yoga, so all the limbs are equally represented; as Sri DM said: “Yoga without yamas and niamas is like pasta without sauce. “Every class we start with short connection with the divine, asana practice is very playful and fluent, and we finish the class with short yoga Nidra, pranayama and meditation.


Be true to your self

So really, true yoga is about being true to this body, healthy, being true to this mind, starting to focus, and then starting to do the higher practices.
Yoga begins actually when you start to do practices that are directly connected to the mind to change the quality of the mind. So there is a range of different yoga systems to practice that can deal with addressing that quality of mind aspect. On this retreat we have time to focus on true yoga and its techniques.
We are awakening our highest potential and compassion, of patience, of selflessness in the actions you can try perform in your every day life, all day long. Begin Your journey with us, in this beautiful surrounding.

The Setting

Anadi & Satya yoga retreat is located in the peaceful village of Okrug Donji, on island Čiovo. The island is connected to the mainland with two bridges and is easily accessible if you come with the plain or the car. During the period of a yoga retreat, the island is not so crowded with people, so it has lots of space to grab your piece of the natural environment.


Every evening is different; it’s time for improvisation and a la carte leisure time. Sometimes it can include a visit to a nearby town, other times a celebration at the retreat centre, or just reflecting on the day at the terrace with herbal tea. To watch together some inspiring movies or listen to the bhajans. We are here for you as a team, and the group’s energy will show how the evening will go. 



The Cuisine

Food is an essential part of yoga practice. Good, healthy, juicy and tasty food combined with yoga asanas, meditation and spiritual philosophy, creates a sattvic lifestyle.

You will be offered three healthy and delicious vegetarian/vegan meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Breakfasts will consist of porridge, fruits, milk, bread, butter, cheese, jam, honey.
Lunch and dinner will be tasty and balanced meals prepared by the local chef.

Herbal teas will be on the table all day long.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are not permitted on the retreat, and it is advised to refrain from intake of toxic substances during the week for a maximum benefit of the program.

In case of any food allergies, our chef will do the best to accommodate your dietary needs. Please do communicate that in advance so we can better prepare ourselves.


  • Air-conditioned public areas
  • Kitchen
  • Multilingual staff
  • Terrace
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Barbeque facilities
  • Laundry
  • Tour assistance
  • Swimming pool

Activity schedule

06:00-06:30  Wake up into silence
06:30-07:15  Self Practice (teacher assistance)ASANA, ENERGISING PRANAYAMA AND MEDITATION (mindfulness, metta meditation)                                                                07:30-08:30  Yoga Practice
08:30-09:30  Breakfast
09:40-10:15  Morning Circle Free Time (Optional Day Trip )
11:45-12:45  Dharma Talk Video Lecture/ Community Class (Optional Day Trip)  YOGA PHILOSOPHY AND LIFESTYLE lecture on ahimsa, sattva, yama, niyama

12:45-13:00   Personal questions with the teacher
13:00-14:00   Lunch
14:00-17:00  Yantra meditation 
18:00-19:00   Dinner
19:00-19:45   Kirtan yoga / Active meditation / Sound Meditation/ Love and Kindness / Yoga nidra Community evening / Purification ceremony / Free Time
21:00   Gate close – Silence time